Eleven Months Old

Eleven Months Old

Twelve Months Old

Twelve Months Old

Fiona started to get really confident with walking just as we left for Sweden in the middle of July and she hasn’t sat still since. This made for very interesting flight and train rides where we got to know everyone on board since she would walk up and down the aisles and talk to everyone. She is a very social little person who loves to chat with friends and strangers alike. That is as long as mamma is in the room, if I leave she will simply scream till I return.

She is getting really good at climbing as well and has no fear when it comes to heights. She also has all the confidence in the world which results in a dangerous combination, as her bruises will show. She loves to climb up on the step stools we have and Emmett’s little desk chair. In the yard her favorite thing to do is to climb up the little slide and sit down and slide back down it.

She has become such a little individual since she started walking and it’s a pure joy to watch her go about her business; walking around, picking stuff up in one room and dropping them off in another. Needless to say, the disorder in our house is at an all time high.

One of my favorite things that she does is to sit in a chair or on a step and when she does she instinctively starts to swing her little legs, it’s simply the cutest thing in the world. Other times she comes over to you when you are sitting on the floor and she turns around, backs up and plops herself on your lap, and your heart melts :).

Fiona doesn’t say many words yet (mostly mamma, dada and Emmett) but she can still carry on a whole conversation with people by using her baby language and her expressive eyes and faces she makes. She sounds like a minion when she talks which I find hilarious. She also enjoys singing quite a bit, just like her brother.

Fiona and Emmett are starting to find mutual interests finally and you can even catch them playing together every now and then. They both like the game of chasing and being chased, this game could go on for hours if it was up to them. Both of them enjoy singing and playing the keyboard, and at times they can do it together without too much of a struggle :). It’s such a treat to get to see them interact and to see their relationship evolve.


Current measurements:
Weight: 22 lb 10 oz (10263 grams)
Height: 2′ 6.25″ (76.8 cm)




IMG_8399Fiona has had the nickname Flo since she was just a month or so. It came from Emmett mispronouncing her name by saying Flona, then it just caught on and a lot of times it feels like that name fits her better than Fiona. So sometimes she is Fiona and sometimes she is Flo :).

This past month her favorite hobby has been to walk around holding a hand or even a finger and working on her balance when standing by herself. She likes to walk along the furniture and crawls after you whenever you leave the room. As long as she is awake she is constantly on the go and this sunday she actually took a few steps all on her own! I can’t wait till she can walk around on her own so I can do other things than hold her hand all day :).

A few of her other favorite activities right now are: clapping, waiving, dancing to 90s hip hop music and eating all sorts of finger foods!!




Current measurements (at 9 1/2 months):


Our calm little content girl has become a wild animal baby!!! As soon as you started moving around and got more comfortable with crawling and pulling herself up on everything she has gotten quite the attitude. It’s fun to see more of her personality come out and she is definitely not as calm and laid back as we thought she was. Growling and screeching is how she communicates her needs and wants and boy does she have a ton of needs and wants these days :). If something doesn’t go her way she gets super angry and screams. We started calling her our wild animal baby cause she acts more primal now than ever.

She likes to pull herself up everywhere and started to explore her environment very thoroughly. She is not as cautious as Emmett used to be and so she gets into trouble way more often. She is also very stubborn and does not take no for an answer.

When Fiona started eating cereal I was curious to see if she was gonna be a picky eater or a foodie and after trying all sorts of food I can absolutely conclude that she is a foodie with a capital F! She loves food and loves trying everything we eat. She gets super excited when food comes on the table and starts growling and grunting when waiting for food. When she eats she is saying nom-nom-nom all through the meal, it is so hilarious! We have one kid that sees food as an inconvenience and a hindrance to play time and one kid that absolutely lives for food right now. It’s funny to see how different they are already.

Fiona’s hair started getting really long, especially her bangs. It is getting so long that it’s almost getting into her eyes. We might need to give her a trim pretty soon. Also, she finally got her first tooth this month!!

One of her favorite things to do is to drive her little brio cart around. Her whole face lights up when you put her down “behind the wheel”, as you can see in the pictures below.





7:30 am - Sunday breakfast, the best part is peeling the egg, not so much eating it :)

7:30 am – Sunday breakfast, the best part is peeling the egg, not so much eating it 🙂

8:45 am - drawing in his room

8:45 am – drawing in his room

9:55 am - being goofy at IKEA

9:55 am – being goofy at IKEA

10:55 am - the play area at IKEA is definitely Emmett's favorite part of the trip!

10:55 am – the play area at IKEA is definitely Emmett’s favorite part of the trip!

11:40 am - after being good at IKEA he got to pick out 5 candies at the candy station

11:40 am – after being good at IKEA he got to pick out 5 candies at the candy station

1:10 pm - home again and playing with his best friend and neighbor Emiliano

1:10 pm – home again and playing with his best friend and neighbor Emiliano

2:25 pm - still going, wrestle time!

2:25 pm – still going, wrestle time!

3:50 pm - more play outside on this beautiful april day, swinging with mamma and Fiona

3:50 pm – more play outside on this beautiful april day, swinging with mamma and Fiona

5:05 pm - wrestling with pappa and Fiona in bed, definitely their favorite hobby these days

5:05 pm – wrestling with pappa and Fiona in bed, definitely their favorite hobby these days

6:30 pm - bath time with duckie

6:30 pm – bath time with duckie

7:45 - bed and story with pappa

7:45 – bed and story with pappa

I started this tradition of documenting a day in the life of Emmett when he was just a little baby and  I hope that we get to continue the tradition for years to come. We took these pictures on April 12th, a surprisingly warm and sunny spring day. This year was our first in our house and you can tell that playtime with the neighbors is a very important part of his life these days. You can also tell that life has become a bit more hectic with two kids and sticking to a photo an hour is quite hard to do :).

Previous years:






We have now entered a busy bee phase for both baby and mamma, Fiona is now officially crawling and trying to pull herself up on everything. So mamma’s number one job is now to stay close by and be ready with a helping hand when needed. This means that the house is now messier than ever and I have to put her in the walker when I need to cook to limit her curiousness. She is very daring in her investigative ways and if I disappear out of sight she comes looking for me. I’m just now getting used to her not being in the same place i left her when I leave the room and come back.

Fiona has become quite the foodie and enjoys both cereal and baby food meals and also likes to taste our food. So far she pretty much likes everything she tries. She still nurses a bit but definitely seam to be more interested in real food these days.

Fiona’s new favorite hobbies are: walking with mamma or pappa holding her hands, stealing Emmett’s toys, eating pieces of paper and pebbles off the floor, taking baths in the big tub, and swinging.

Her absolute favorite thing is wrestling with pappa and Emmett in the bed. She absolutely goes bonkers and squeals out of joy as she tries to take down big brother and pappa with her slobbery little hands and her gummy bites.





Fiona is on the move! She’s not officially crawling but she is pulling herself around and pulls herself in circles to find the toy she wants (which usually isn’t even a toy but something that she definitely should not be putting in her mouth:)). She also stands on all four and rocks back and forth so I’m thinking she will be crawling pretty soon. Time to hide all of Emmett’s little toys!!!

The growling is still her main method of communication and it’s so hilarious to hear her go on and on. She also says a variety of combinations of sounds like mama, dada, nejnej (no no in swedish), blabla, etc.

Fiona is such a happy girl and Emmett loves to make her laugh and she thinks Emmett the funniest guy on the planet :). Any face or funny sound he makes will make her laugh out loud. You can see a few examples of this in the videos below:

We have had the pleasure of having mormor visit for two and a half weeks. She just went back home a week ago and the house now feels very empty. Both kids got spoiled with mormor’s attention while she was here and now they are both whiny and wants mormor to come back and play with them :). Thankfully morfar is coming to visit in May and Emmett has already started asking when it is time to go pick him up at the airport!

Here are a few pictures from mormor’s visit…

Warm weather and crawl practice on the porch

Warm weather and crawl practice on the porch

Here we go!

Here we go!

Swinging in the park on a sunny day

Swinging in the park on a sunny day

Swinging in the backyard with mormor

Swinging in the backyard with mormor

IMG_7817IMG_7828Happy half birthday to our little girl! She has now officially entered her “monster-baby” phase and is enjoying growling and screaming just for the fun of it :). It is simply hilarious! She is laughing and giggling a lot more as well. She likes it when we tickle her and she absolutely goes bonkers when Emmett tries to wrestle with her! For now he just kind of gets close to her and tickle and rough house a bit with her but I foresee a lot more wrestling in their future as they both seem to love this activity.

Emmett also loves kissing and hugging her of course and she gets just as excited for those signs of affection. It makes me so happy and fills my heart with love to see Emmett really care for her and wanna make sure that she is happy and content.

Fiona’s absolute favorite thing to do right now is to sit in the Johnny jump up and bounce her little heart out. She can sit in there for a long time and just be super content bouncing and watching everything going on around the house. She is pretty easy to keep happy right now, I’m a little worried for when she starts moving around tho. Mostly cause I will have to sort through all of Emmett’s toys to hide away all the small choke-hazardous items and I’m sure it won’t be as easy to keep all the unsuitable items out of her reach as it was with Emmett. Any tips from parents who have already gone through this adjustment?

A couple weeks back she started trying some baby cereal and she absolutely loved it and was gobbling it down like no tomorrow… Then she got sick and she didn’t want to eat anything for about a week… And now we’re slowly trying to get back on track with eating but it is going slower than the first time, possibly because she is still feeling a bit of the cold and is stuffed up. I’m hoping she will start enjoying cereal soon again. She has also tried a bit of avocado and banana and has loved that so odds are she is gonna like food a lot. This week we are going to try out some sweet potato and carrots, I’ll let you know how that goes :).

We have all been going through varying degrees of a cold the last 4 weeks and I am really hoping everyone is going to start feeling better soon. Is it so draining to see the kids suffer from coughing attacks and just being in a bad mood because they are out of energy. Add a mom who has had a cold for 4 weeks on top of that and we have a very tired family. Emmett and Fiona seem to be on the mend now tho so we are really hoping for a more healthy spring to come around very soon!!!

Current measurements:
Weight 8278 g (18 lb 4 oz)
Length 65.4 cm (26 inches)

Laughing at pappa

Laughing at pappa